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African Caribbean Support Group

The group meets monthly to offer a safe environment in which to exchange experiences, meet others, and to develop a network of support and mutual aid.

There will be opportunities to discuss living with cancer and its effects, and to share the changes that cancer has brought to people’s lives.

The group meets at Paul’s Cancer Support centre on the 2nd Monday of the month from 12noon to 2.00pm.

Asian Cancer Support Group

The purpose of the monthly meetings is to provide a safe environment where experiences can be exchanged, and to develop a network of support and mutual help. This reduces feelings of isolation and help people regain a sense of control over their lives.

Members have the opportunity to discuss living with cancer and its effects, and to identify culturally relevant solutions to practical problems caused by cancer or its treatment. The group also organises outings and lunch get-togethers on a regular basis.

The group meets at Paul’s Cancer Support Centre on the last Tueday of the month from 10.30am-12.30pm.

Get Active

Weekly on Mondays 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Our Get Active group physical activity class is designed specifically for people who have been affected by cancer. Being more active can help you manage side effects such as fatigue and depression, both during and after cancer treatment.

The class is led by Mark Wild, a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Fitness Instructor who has many years of experience working with people recovering from surgery or who are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

The session include a mixture of low intensity cardiovascular and resistance based activities which are designed to be effective in improving strength and flexibility. You will be encouraged to do the exercises at your own pace, and to your own level of ability. Some people do the exercises seated and the group is small so that Mark can provide individual support.

The class is held at Paul’s Centre or during warmer weather, in local parks.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for exercise and trainers.

While being physically active is very safe for most people, we need to make sure that you take up the most suitable type of activity for you. Mark will give you a brief health questionnaire to complete before your first group session.

Come and find out how you can be more active in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.

Living With and Beyond Cancer Workshops

We hope to run the next workshop in early 2019. Please call Angela on 020 7924 3924 to register your interest and discuss the topics you would like to see covered.

Monthly Social Morning

Monthly on first Tuesday of the month 11:00am to 12:30pm

Our monthly social morning, hosted by our volunteers, is a very relaxed occasion offering a chance to meet up with other people.

Everyone is welcome. There’s no need to book – just come along and join us.

Moving Meditation

This class is open to anyone with an interest in meditation. You do not need any previous experience but, if you already meditate, you will be supported in deepening your practice.

Our Moving Meditation practitioner Maria Black explains below how the class can help.

‘Relax! Calm down,’ we are often told. But how?

Effort and will power usually have the opposite effect: we just tense more. Indirect methods work better, especially when they have been refined over thousands of years, like meditation.

Most forms of meditation start with attention to a particular movement: breathing. In these classes we explore a rich mix of movements –all small and gentle, accessible to anyone, irrespective of their state of health and fitness.

You can choose to sit in a chair, on a meditation cushion or lying on the floor. We cultivate our ability to be present with whatever sensations, emotions or thoughts come up, so that we are not swept away by them and can respond to life’s challenges in a more balanced and grounded way.

All you need to enjoy the class is to wear comfortable clothes and have a handful of curiosity.


Qigong is an ancient healing practice from China, which has been used for thousands of years to prevent and heal illness, boost vitality and enhance longevity. It has also been used to develop spiritual awareness.

Techniques include slow, soft, smooth movements or still static forms, synchronised with deep abdominal breathing.

Benefits of Qigong

The benefits of Qigong are numerous and work on many different levels:

  • Great stress buster
  • Improves circulation
  • Enhances brain function – i.e memory, concentration,
  • Improves poor breathing patterns – better lung function

Qigong Classes at Pauls Cancer Centre

Qigong classes run on Tuesdays starting at 2.00pm for the beginners class. The first half of the class (45 minutes), will be a level 1 class for beginners. It will include gentle, effective qigong exercises.

The second half of the class will be a level 2 class, which is more advanced for qigong regulars. Regular students are of course welcome to attend both sessions.

Please note, qigong is not competitive in any way. It is about your own journey and learning, being calm and quiet inside, to assist your own well-being.

It does not matter if another student looks more flexible, or can do movements that you cannot. In qigong, the mind is very important. If your mind is calm and quiet, you are still benefiting from the qigong movements.

The qigong class is a very healing and welcoming space for everyone.

Common Questions/Concerns about the Qigong class:

What if I cannot do all the movements?

There is no pressure to feel you have to do all the movements. Different students who come to the qigong class have varying restricted movement, in certain parts of their body. They still come and enjoy the class and there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

I can’t stand for long, so I don’t think I will be able to do the whole class. Should I not come?

Many of the qigong exercises can be adapted and done on a chair so you can still participate. You can sit out at any stage and work within your own comfort zone.

What’s the next Step?

It’s worth calling us on Tuesday morning if you intend to come, to check if the class is taking place on the day – we occasionally have to cancel if the teacher is unavailable or unwell. Our telephone number is 020 7924 3924


Fortnightly on Fridays 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Our yoga class is a gentle course for beginners. This will be helpful for you if you are stressed, have neck or shoulder tension, lower back or hip pain.

In the class you will learn how to breathe properly, how to relax your neck and how to develop strength in your core. There will be breathing exercises, gentle core building exercises which are excellent for lower back pain, twists, standing poses, and a deep relaxation session at the end.

As well as being fantastic for relaxation, yoga helps you to help yourself – you will feel empowered and grounded. You will feel energised and more aware of how you feel in your body and more open.

Classes are held fortnightly on a Friday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm