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Work for Good

Paul’s Cancer Support Centre have recently partnered with Work for Good who specialise in supporting small businesses, by helping them embed charitable giving into their day to day work and promote all the good they are doing. 

Support us through Work for Good

Benefits for making donations through Work for Good include:

  • Use of a public profile to promote your business
  • You can donate in just a few clicks
  • Choose the simplest way to give that suits business
  • You will have access to a detailed digital transaction history
  • Use of integrated tools to involve your customers
  • Ability to publish your profile and giving story
  • Tax deductible donations – Work for Good have solved the legal hurdles and manage the payments, saving you time to focus on other business priorities.
  • Work for Good will work with you to design and embed charitable giving in a structured, meaningful and visible way which is good for your business at the same time ensuring valuable money gets to our cause
  • Connect with like-minded businesses
  • Donating to Charity could help set you apart from your competitors – supporting the growth of your business and attracting new clients, whilst helping you to recruit and retain staff

There’s a small membership fee (£25 per year for a sole-trader) to join Work for Good, and once signed up we will help you promote the good you are through all our networks.

For more information please take a look at the website: workforgood.co.uk, watch the video or contact fundraising@pauls.org.uk