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About Paul D’Auria

In September 2008, the Centre was named after Paul D’Auria, a long standing and greatly loved Centre member who died in 2006.

The Centre’s name is intended to symbolise Paul’s courage, determination and support for others which inspired and amazed friends, colleagues and medical professionals.

When Paul learnt in 1991 that his cancer of the thymus gland was incurable, he explored every possible avenue for staying well, and defied all expectations to live for another 15 years.

Professor Ian Smith (Medical Oncologist, the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust) said:

“Again and again in the notes recorded by different doctors, you would see the words ‘extraordinary’, ‘remarkable’ and ‘delightful’.

“He taught a whole generation of younger doctors to listen to what the patient thinks. Of all the patients I’ve known, there are one or two I’ll never forget – and Paul is one of those.”

We are honoured that Caroline, Charlie and Rowan D’Auria have agreed to our renaming the Centre after Paul.

Caroline said:

“It’s a fantastic tribute to a very brave man. ‘Keep pedalling’ was his motto, and he did.”